phendog (phendog) wrote in nerds_ahoy,

Some recs

Like to show off your nerdly knowledge?
They'd love to hear from you at little_details

Want to check out some of the more interesting things that have been said on LJ lately?
Come on down to metaquotes...or, you know, go quote your friend!

Check out the coolest internet comic in existance (The Penny-Arcade)
Through its live feed at: pennyarcaderss

Like dilbert?
Get it daily on your flist by friending dilber3

Want to share your opinions on the latest movies?
movie_review or moviereviews woudl be a great place to start

Know what cluster your journal is on at all times!
Click on Where am I? Brought to you by the lovely folks at lj_maintenance

REALLY bored?
Dress up your favorite actresses here.

Want something pretty to post on your journal?
Go get your LJ friends collage.

And, just because it's REALLY fun, go see what pictures people are linking to on LJ!
Just click here to see the very latest. Warning: some may have mature content.

Finally, go find out what google knows about you or any other subject.
Get your googlisms here.
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