March 12th, 2005


Nkay, I've been having this nerd-esque argument with several of my friends for quite some time now, and nothing has gotten us anywhere. So, I leave it to you, my fellow nerdlingers, to argue, debate and "uh-huh/nuh-uh" til you're blue in the face.

Zombies. Vampires. I say they are the same thing. Some agree, others don't. Here's my take: Zombies are dead people. They've been in their graves for decades, some for CENTURIES! They've decayed and gotten sluggish and stupid, so they need brains to live. HOWEVER, vampires are also dead people. The difference being, vampires haven't been dead as long so they haven't gotten the chance to decompose and/or get so sluggish and stupid. Thus, they don't need BRAINS, they need BLOOD. To me, it all makes sense. Zombies are just retarded vampires, or vampires are just super-zombies.

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