March 14th, 2005



now i can't take full credit for this question as i overheard two postgraduate students discussing it when they should have been doing something far more important... but me and my friends can't make up our minds... i am opening it to the floor...

sexy jack

Tough Question

If a band pirates were to be sailing along and were to come accross a land inhabited by ninjas. Who would win, the pirates or the ninjas?

and why can't they all just get along?
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So I'm actively hunting for a new notebook - and I was trying to think who I could ask about this hunt and then I realized I have all of you at my disposal. =0)

So consider this post your chance to brag, cry, or generally show off all of those great computers that support our everyday habits.

I'm wondering mostly what type of equipment people have. More specifically, for those of you with notebooks - how much did they cost, is the battery life decent, and how do they handle heavy computations from gaming to Visual Studio or .Net if thats your thing?

And if your wondering, I'd love something light enough to carry to class regularly, under 1,500: capable machine that can handle multi-tasking and development software, decent battery life, and if at all possible a non-integrated video card (This is probably too much to ask for, but i can dream.) THANKS!!!!