March 16th, 2005


Hosts File

Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File
(Parasites being Banner Ads, Pop-up Ads, and Spyware).

I don't get 80% of Banner Ads or 95% of spyware and 98% of pop-ups. I'm also careful, I'm sure if I were just an end user I would get more of an 85% on that spyware, but once you install this you will learn to be more careful. I do not recommend it for everyone, but it's pretty kick if you go to a lot of shady websites like (mature only, the ads are dirty, the content is priceless) where the Ads are disgusting and you have more pop ups than you can stand. It even blocks ads in ad-ware like kazaa. (If you're still using kazaa. *snickers*)

Any other helpful recommendations?
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Alright, I was watching a program today about the formation of galaxies. It turns out that my theory was correct in assuming that each galaxy contained a black hole at it's center. My belief is that the black hole and the formation of a galaxy are intertwined. I believe that one cannot exist without the other.

There is a supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy, which is lying dormant. Each star in our galaxy is affected by the pull of this black hole, which in turn affect the rotation of the planets. This is my theory, it could be wrong but i don't think it is. I just thought I would share.

By the way, in the next three million years our neighboring galaxy Andromeda will most likely collide with our galaxy. Hmmm...Isn't that a wonderful end to mankind?
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The Plight of Clownana

This is a movie short I just HAVE to share, 'cause it's just so hilarious. Do you like seeing men in banana suits dance and get territorial?

Anyway, this award winning little film is utterly hilarious.

A warning though: very slightly adult in content. Some swearing, and, besides the banana, there is a man in a giant phallic suit. Just warning ya.

Bananas of the Universe, Unite!

And fans of Angel (AtS) can watch for a really brief appearance by Christian Kane