March 19th, 2005

phoenix by katekat1010

Mini-quiz: Mnemonic

Okay, nerds.

This is a mnemonic for something.

I'll make a (completely worthless) button for whoever gets it first (and it shouldn't be too hard to get, I think, all things considered):

"Badly burnt resistors on your ground bus void general warrantee."

(yeah, okay, so usually there's a much naughtier one used instead for this)

Oh, and please tell me what word each word in the mnemonic stands for.

Burn, Baby, Burn! Tattoo Inferno!

     Good eevveennninnng. First of all, just wanted to say thanks and all for the nice comments on my app. and thank you for letting me join!
    Now, I figured I would present a question. It's not nerdy or anything, but you're all intelligent and interesting individuals, so I thought I would get some opinions.
Look behind the cut!

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