March 20th, 2005

You're starting to piss me off.

Here we goes.

Well, even though I'm already an 'accepted member', I thought I'd still play along and fill this thing out. Now if I decide to pass judgement on others, I'll at least feel semi-justified. I'm just wondering when it became tres-chic to be nerdy. Maybe I'll go hit up the 'ugly' communities next.


I'm going to bed now.Collapse )
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Simpsons Trivia!

Poll #458147 Simpsons Trivia!

Who are Four members of the Springfield Fire Deptartment?

Ned,Krusty,Cheif Wiggum,Barney,Otto
Otto,Maude,Mrs.Van Houten,Troy Mcclure
Apu,Principal Skinner,Mrs. Van Houten,Krusty,

Bonus Question: What episode did the Volunteer Fire Dept. make their first appearance?

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