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Nerds_ahoy's Journal
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Sunday, March 20th, 2005

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Here we goes.
Well, even though I'm already an 'accepted member', I thought I'd still play along and fill this thing out. Now if I decide to pass judgement on others, I'll at least feel semi-justified. I'm just wondering when it became tres-chic to be nerdy. Maybe I'll go hit up the 'ugly' communities next.


I'm going to bed now.Collapse )

Current Mood: Friggin' tired, mate!

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Fun stuff!
First, try this: Circling

Then go here and play with google image search to make a montage!


And you think Your life is futile.

Go creep yourself out with the magic eye, and check out the world's most awesome sidewalk paintings.

Then go HERE for some REALLY cool optical illusions!

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Simpsons Trivia!
Poll #458147 Simpsons Trivia!

Who are Four members of the Springfield Fire Deptartment?

Ned,Krusty,Cheif Wiggum,Barney,Otto
Otto,Maude,Mrs.Van Houten,Troy Mcclure
Apu,Principal Skinner,Mrs. Van Houten,Krusty,

Bonus Question: What episode did the Volunteer Fire Dept. make their first appearance?

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