March 22nd, 2005

(blank) with the devil mask

two things

bored. so i made icons.
most Ed from bebop, shirts i like [majority], then randomCollapse )
since i'm bored and i know i would like to talk to most of you since ya seem pretty cool, hit me up on a IMS of your choosing [meaning not aim]. yahoo=hexthedecimal,, icq=241741389, also on IRC if you specifiy the channel, and if you must, aim=joeinfested [only used because other people are using it and hate being out of the loop].
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For you math nerds..

So I was typing in my own LJ earlier and I said something along the lines of "the probability of me being sober and happy is very low" and I was tempted to write it out like this:

A:{Tim being sober}
B:{Tim being happy}

P(A&B)=very low

I have taken too many math courses..
biting hellsing

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Crying Angel000, I apologize for having to delete your application. You may re-apply whenever you wish. The formula for an lj cut and bolding are in this entry.
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