March 28th, 2005

Ipod Opinions

I need some nerdly advice. I bought an ipod mini about a week ago (4gb) and I 've had trouble with it from the start. I installed the software on my windows pc and I immediately had trouble getting the ipod to communicate with windows. I had issues where Itunes is supposed to open up when you connect your ipod to your pc, but it didnt do it. After playing games, I got the ipod to talk to itunes and was able to transfer some mp3's. The MP3's went over ok but I continue to have problems communicating with itunes.

To rule out a software/pc problem, I installed the software on another pc and tested it. I got the ipod to work 1 time with itunes, then after that it stopped working. I have read on that ipods are well known for being troublesome. Many people have had to return the first one or two ipods they have owned due to similar issues.

I would like some advice from fellow ipod owners out there...have you had any problems with your ipod? What models have you had good/bad luck with? If you dont like the ipod, what mp3 player do you recommend?

Thanks for your comments. Dont bother too much w/trying to troubleshoot mine...I'm going to return it to bestbuy tonight...
Devious Burns

Simpsons Trivia!

Poll #463529 Simpsons trivia!

What character was kicked out of the barbershop quartet,The Be Sharps?

Principal Skinner
Chief Wiggum
Bleeding Gums Murphy
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