April 6th, 2005

You're starting to piss me off.

Of course I'm disconnecting after download; I'll be long asleep by the time the jpg finishes.

You might be a nerd if you download .wav files to personalize Windoze.

You definately are a nerd if, for no reason other than nostalgia, you telnet to one of your old bbs haunts to get said .wavs. And we're not even going to talk about the fact that you looked to see if any of your old uploads from 'back in the day' were still around.

Ah, yes, the time spent waiting for the good old connect at 2400 baud... *cue high-pitched falsetto*...

"Those were the daaays!"

Omega BBS (And as was common back then, it seems to be down now. :\ )


(no subject)

Dear fellow nerds,

Earlier today I was reading friend of friend lists and came across a certain livejournal community with a very, very strict application process and I was blown away by how mean they were to applicants, and the sincere joy they take in shooting people down. It's a general music community, and if the music that is listed is not to the members' taste, applicants get bashed and then condescendingly asked, "Can I give you a list of things you should listen to, then you can reapply once you've totally absorbed the opinions and tastes I am forcing upon you?" The whole point of having a community here is so we can all be friends and share ideas and shit, right? That's why I appreciate this one so much. Everyone still has to prove their nerdly heritage but people love you for it. Yeah, I'm gonna be more active because I love youse guys.