April 26th, 2005



Ok, so I dissapeared there for awhile, but I am alive!!

(it was the anime con and all my costume requests that have kept me busy)

but if anyone wants to know how it went, or see pictures from that. here they areeee!!!!


(and yes that's me on stage in a skit, I don't have all the shots I want from it (panty shot mainly XD) but it was so much fun.... I'm planning now for the one in September (Kumoricon))

so far I have to sew like 10 costumes by then or later... FUN!
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Has anyone read the comic book(s) 1602 by Neil Gaiman (et al)?

If so can someone explain why there are dinosaurs in 17th century America?

(Is it for the same reasons as there being X-men in the 17th century?)