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Nerds_ahoy's Journal
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Thursday, May 19th, 2005

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for the love of a good community

Okies.. I seriously could use some help with this community. Foo and I just can't keep up with everything without at least one or more posts getting lost in the mix. I'm sorry but that's how it is with a 100+ member community trying to be ran by only two people. I know I've already spoken to a few of you about whether or not you would like to help. I'm asking once again but answer me here please :o) Unlike most other communities, I am not going to be strict on how "perfect" you or your work is. I can use all of the help I can get.

This is what I need:

*People who can do even simple layouts. I of course will help as much as I can if you still need it. I would LIKE to be able to see samples of your work, but if you don't have any, that's OK too. If you can do more complex layouts, (like the one currently being used for this community) that would be awsome!

*I need people who may not have the "eye" for making layouts but still know about the coding and overrides. I pretty much need someone to help out with members questions.

*If you'd like to do either of these, or if you can think of another way to help us out here, please respond to this post with the "position" you'd like to take or suggest and give me a rough idea on how often you're around to be able to help.

You can fill requests if you wish unless they specify someone in particular.

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