May 24th, 2005

phoenix by katekat1010

Cool Tech News: Why yes I am spamming you this morning...

As many of us know, Firefox is a Red Hot winner, though its possible that IE might get off it's rear and try to compete.

Google appears to be trying to take over the world. So much so that people speculate about them as if they were the new world order. It is entirely possible (and I hope they do!) that Google be working on an internet browser of their own. They are, at the very least, creating new search tools all the time (my newest favorite being the desktop search), including a new video search for television shows. So how do they stay innovative? By recruiting new hires using brain teasers.

You may notice, however, that while using your Firefox built-in Google search, porn is no longer #1 most searched for thing on the internet.

On the bright side Congress decided Spy-ware was bad, and the spam growth rate is actually slowing! Some anti-spam campaigns appear to have been too effective, however. Still, few of us want spam, and most of it isn't even legit. Pfizer, for instance is very adament that they aren't spamming you.

Apparently you no longer need to do your own homework anymore, as there's a new program in town that creates papers good enough to be conference acceptable. This will free up your time to be one of the 32 million blogging Americans. No fear of Pres. Bush joining us though...he won't even use his own email, even though the pope is using his.