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Nerds_ahoy's Journal
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Tuesday, July 12th, 2005

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*LOL*! Discover the truth...enter the meatrix

Absolutely adorable propaganda!...just be sure to have your speakers on.

The thing I find most hilarious is that it's not saying "don't eat meat," it's saying "don't support corporate agriculture." Interesting...

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'allo, 'allo fellow nerdlingers!

phendog  and myself were discussing the recent silence in this, one of the greatest communities in LJ land, and how it makes us so very sad.

So we offer you the following meme and urge you to comment below with your answers.....

List 5 reasons why you are a dork/nerd.

Okay; GO!

ALSO: this is totally offtopic but where can I find banners to promote the hell out of this communtiy?

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A lot of you have probably aready seen this, but if not, check it out:

Why Nerds Are Unpopular

Do you agree? Disagree? Anyone want to discuss?

Personally, I buy about half of it...

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