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Nerds_ahoy's Journal
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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

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Conversing with the A.I.
I found this cool little Artificial Intelligence Chat Program called Jabberwacky.

Unfortunately, in some of it's lucider moments, it scared me!

(Note: These are the more lucid conversations. There was a lot of non-sense stuff too...)

conversing with the machineCollapse )

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I don't know whether to be super excited about this or super disgusted: Lord of the Rings to take to the stage"

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ET: The Extra Terrestrial for Atari...
22 years ago in November of 1982, Atari was the Alpha. Atari was the Omega. Atari was the the biggest video game system out there. And then Christmas rolled around...and with it, the release of one of the biggest game failures ever. That's right...the game that brought down Atari, clearing the way for Sega and Nintendo...ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

I'd heard about this before, but then I came across this article today and found it utterly hilarious.

Read the story here.

Also, be sure and read the comments. My favorite?

I honestly feel sorry for all the other garbage that has to share landfill space with all those crushed cartridges, that's how bad E.T. is.

(Oh, and while you're at the site, check out the other 24 of the 25 dumbest moments in gaming, such as Acclaim's Marketing Stunts, The Biggest Controller in History, Ever, and who could forget Virtual Boy!)

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