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It looks like a fun application, and that means fun people!


What is your name? Victoria
Where do you rest your head? In balmy Southern Ontario. Almost above zero today!
How old is your liver? That one that I keep in my basement is nearly a week old now! I'm having a party for it on Tuesday, if anyone wants to come. My own liver is 17.
What is your gender? Men say I'm cute and funny, and my teeth aren't teeth but pearls... That commercial is slowly killing my soul, and female.
How would you define yourself? As a complete classics nerd, and all around goody goody. Although I do tend to be manic. Oh well, so it's probably just a chemical inbalance...
Significant other? Not at the current time, and so I'm faced with the horrific possibility of going to prom- wait for it- STAAAAAAG!!!!
What is your shoe size? 6, or 5 1/2, depending on the store. Stop laughing.


Colour? Blue!
Bands? Rufus Wainwright, The Beatles...and I'm eerily addicted to classical as well.
Movies? Benny and Joon, Star Wars (the original three), Lord of the Rings...anything but romantic comedies and Troy. Don't get me started on Troy.
Television Programs? The sadly cancelled Clone High, Scrubs, Chapelle's Show, South Park, and I watched Buffy while it was on.
Books? The Hitchhiker's Guide series, the Discworld series, anything by Hemingway or Homer.
Video Game? Distressingly, I am horrendously bad at video games, and hate to kill things. So my answer for this would have to be MarioKart. Oh, how I love MarioKart. I have attempted Halo 2, and was mocked. Harshly.
Cereal? The one and only...Cheerios! (Oh oh oh oh!)
Instrument? French Horn, for that is what I play.
Board game? Trivial Pursuit- Booklover's Edition. Or The Simpsons Jeopardy.
Pet? I love my puppy Hudson, but I aspire to own a cat named Maximilien, a dog named Titus, and a fish named Prometheus. If you ask me about them, I will have my reasoning.
Song? Bach's Minuet in G, and has been since I was four years old.
Quote? Dammit! I haven't been to the Olive Garden in like forEVER! -Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth
Food? Anything involving carbohydrates and no red meat. Chicken tetrazzini is always good.
Beverage? If it fuels my caffeine addiction, I am there. Hot chocolate at the current time.
Condiment? Mustard!

Convince us of your nerdly heritage

If I could grant you one wish, what would you wish for? A time machine, so that I could go back and live with the Romans and enjoy some civilised entertainment for once. Or so that I could pretend I was in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
What nerdly activities do you partake in? I take Latin, first of all, and am affiliated with our school's Latin Club, as well as being a Prefect. These two activities combined basically explain my lack of aforementioned prom date. As well as this, I have been known to watch the first three Star Wars movies in one sitting, and have actually read each one of the appendices in the Return of the King.
A Star Trek convention is coming to your town. What do you do? Clearly, this calls for action. I round up my gang of friends, we go over and demand to be shown every episode of first season Star Trek so that we can mock the special effects. Then we throw small objects at William Shatner.
4+4= VIII! The year Vonones I had his coins in circulation in ancient Greece, and also how old I was when I began to learn Roman numerals.
You see a cloaked stranger standing in the dark shadows in an alley. He offers you something. What is it, and how do you reply? I have just been offered a ride home, after my best friend and I were stranded once again at the independant movie theatre where we were trying to watch Shakespeare, thankyouverymuch. We would accept, but unfortunately we are taking the bus to the university library instead, where we shall play international spies in the stacks.
At a gaming convention, what would you dress up as and why? I would dress up as Luigi, so that I could put giant springs on my shoes and jump from head to head over the crowd.
Write a short, creative story about your plot for world conquest. Well, it all begins in the Vatican, where my acolytes and I slowly undermine the authority of the Roman Catholic church. It would be replaced with the 'Superpope' system, which involves the systematic destruction of major goverments, an almost fanatical devotion to...myself, and the quest to bring back Latin as a major spoken language.
Please, let us endure your nerdly visage. Most unfortunately, the only one that I have is wallpaper-sized. Yikes. Also, within it I am dressed up in a handmade Roman stola, which I clearly did a horrendous job of making. It's actually very scary. Look at my icon to gaze upon Rick Mercer, a far more attractive Canadian.
Your thoughts. Universities want me to die a scary painful poverty-inflicted death.
Mozart and Modigliani were the same age when they died.
Rick Mercer is cool. I wish I could marry him.
My new shoes are also cool. But that marriage isn't legal.
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