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Burn, Baby, Burn! Tattoo Inferno!

     Good eevveennninnng. First of all, just wanted to say thanks and all for the nice comments on my app. and thank you for letting me join!
    Now, I figured I would present a question. It's not nerdy or anything, but you're all intelligent and interesting individuals, so I thought I would get some opinions.
Look behind the cut!

Image hosted by

    This is, obviously, a crab playing the fiddle. I'm going to get my first tattoo on Thursday, though that one is going to be Celtic. At some point, I will probably be getting a tattoo of the crabby. It's from a children's book that my sister and I used to love when we were younger. I think it's cute, it has sentimental value, and all that good stuff. Problem is, I don't know where to get it. Does anyone have any suggestions? The tattoo I'm going to get this Thursday will be between my shoulder blades. I'd prefer to have it in a place that I can hide if possible, but I'd appreciate any suggestions, and I would appreciate any feedback! Thanksies! ^__^

     Oh, also, incase anyone wanted to see, either to judge where the crab should go, or just curious, here is an image of someone with the same Celtic tattoo I will be getting.

Image hosted by

     This is a tattoo of the crows of Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of war. They would fly down to battlefields and help lead fallen warriors to the afterlife.
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