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[ Basics ]
What is your name? Hannah or Kit, some people call me flaming marshmellow
Where do you rest your head? On random people's shoulders which is usually in Florida
How old is your liver? 15 last time I checked.
What is your gender? all female, or at least 80%
How would you define your self? erm, very friendly and eccentric. I lurve Shakespeare (poetry and plays), Anime and Mythology. Some people say I'm weird but my group I hang with is just as equally as weird (well maybe not).
Significant other: Lots! lol! Well really I just have my boyfriend Correy and a very Sexy Tiger ^^
What is your shoe size: 10 ^^'''

[ Favorites ]
What is you favorite color: black and green
Bands: Note- I listen to everything! I just recently started listening to The Used and L'Arc~en~Ciel. I guess I have a big appretiation for the J-Rock Group "The Pillows" because that was my first Japanese Band that I started listening to.
Movies: Phantom of the Opera, The Ring, The Ring 2 (not as good as the first but oh well), Any horror movie, Any movie by Studio Ghibli (my fav is Mononoke no Hime).
T.V. programs: Adult Swim, sometimes Toonami (because I lurve Yu Yu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin)
Books: Harry Potter Series, Lord of the Ring Series, Hitch Hiker Guide Series, Mangas!
Video games: I am a big RPGer, my fav would be all the Final Fantasies
Cereal: Cookie Crisp ^^ That or French/Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Instruments: Keyboard
Board games: I have tons, I love Monopoly and I'm really good at it ^^. Pictionary is fun too and Cranium.
Pet: 3 months ago I had 7 cats (Lokie, Neko, Hiei, Kilala, Rei, Kenji and Queen) and 1 dog (Stokie) but I had to rid of 5 of my cats and now I am left with Kilala, Neko and my dog Stokie.
Song: "I Do Cherish You" 98 degrees (this song is very important to me emotionally ^^)
Quote: "It's our destiny to die, but our fate to live." ~?
"Let me ask you this...If I wear a three-piece suit, does it mean I won't resort to blackmail? If I won't pierce my ears, does it mean I won't break someone's heart? IF MY HAIR WAS BLACK AND SHINY, DOES IT MEAN I WON'T KILL YOU?!" ~Haru (Fruits Basket/Furuba)
Food: Anything I can make lol.
Beverage: Milk Shakes from the Family Owned Ice Cream Parlor down the road.
Condiment: Barbeque Sauce! Or Ranch Dressing ^^

[ In depth ]

Convince us of your nerdly heritage: I am a MAJOR teachers pet (well was all through elementary school and middle school), I wouldn't mean to be but I just made friends with teachers easily and people hated me for that ^^'''. Since 5th grade I have been interested in Mythology (Greek and Norse) but those interests developed in learning everything about Japan once I got into about 7th grade (even since 8th grade people started calling me Kit which is short for the japanse word for Fox, Kitsune).
I am 100% Otaku which here means Anime-Lover but actually it's a Japanese downgrading word meaning "geek who has no like and watches anime".

If I could grant you one wish, what would you wish for? A new president...-_-

What nerdly activities do you partake in: Learning Japanese, Yearbook, Anime Convention (I don't think it's nerdy lol), IB program (referred to as "gifted for the gifted"), Regular DDR Workouts (at home and at the mall) and of course participating in my friend's roleplaying website.

A star trek convention is coming to town next weekend, do you go? Heh, I certainly would go with a friend if they were hardcore and wanted to go with someone, but by myself? No

Write an interesting solution to this mathematical problem, 4+4=
It all depends on what your perception of the number 4 is, it's funny how we look at things and no immediately think, that equals the ammount of things I have and so forth. So 4+4 would be only doubling that amount so it would have to be translated into 2X where X equals 4. In the past cavemen made it easy by thinking "whatever I can get my hands on is mine and the groups so it doesn't really matter about number". So yes, I am a numeralist (ummm hatred for numbers?) Oh where was I again? 4+4? would that not be 44? It's just that dang cross in the way.

You see a cloaked stranger standing in the shadows of an alley. He offers you something, what is it, and how do you reply? I would stare at it with crazed eyes before preceding to foam at the mouth and growl, I would throw it at him and chase him for about an hour and procede back to my house in which I would chew on my fox toy.

At a gaming convention, what would you dress up as and why?
Well I always wanted to go as Aeris from Final Fantasy VII, but I am currently making a moogle costume for my sis for The Final Fantasy Ball at Metro-con

Write a short, creative story about your plot for world conquest:
In a few years time scientists will find that this world is interconnected with a corresponding world hidden at the end of the galaxy called Alloria. The forbidden ones will be cast from that world and enter ours. They will be beautiful beings with blackened wings and intricate tatooed birthmarks. They will come searching for the Chaos crystal that will restore them to the head power of their world. Once they figure out that not only do I posess this crystal but I am the reincarnation to one of their enemies I will have to take leave of my family and friends to fight them. Reverting to my demonic fox form I will fight them in an epic battle before winning in the final fight with me vs. one of their most power: Lilac of the Guardian. I will go back to their world and restore piece in this deprived government, gain their trust and then look the secret of the mages to use the power to overthrow George Bush and make immortal armies to conquer the rest of the countries. At the end of this I will make a total world piece with me in charge. ^^

Ja, tis me at Halloween. ^^''' Don't mind the demonic red eye, I get that in every picture.

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