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A discussion in nerdliness....

I was reflecting on my past gaming experiences while rolelaying one afternoon. I came upon a memory that had the greatest impact on my emotions. It was one of the most powerful sessions I have ever experienced. Without further ado, I give you the set up and the scene:

The game was AEG's L5R, in which I had made a Unicorn clan Bushi. My character was not your typical samurai. He was the champion of the common folk. He valued their labor and sacrifice for the empire. Also, he was a great diplomat in the imperial courts. Nori(my character) cemented an alliance with the rival Lion clan, who helped in an assault on the Crab clan. In this war,Nori lost his left hand in a duel. He was victorious in the battle, but he had made great enemies. One of which was a wicked and corrupted shugenja (wizard) who bound and Oni to me. It was an Oni that bore my name, and it was corrupting my characters soul. This Oni captured a female samurai who Nori had fought in battle with, and had affection for. The Oni ended up killing her in a ritual, that summoned something even worst than it. My party defeated the creature, and the Oni was starting to flee. The only weapon nearby was a bow, and the oni was fastly escaping. He grabbed the bow, and began trying to string an arrow with his only remaining hand. When the ghost of the departed samurai's hand manifested on my own. She said her spectral goodbye's, and wished me good fortune with my aim. Nori let loose the arrow, it was a direct hit to the Oni's cranium. I rolled the dice for damblage,which resulted in the highest possible damage you could roll. This game uses ten sided dice, I rolled 10 tens out of 12 dice.

What is your most memorable gaming experience? It could be any format of gaming.
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