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[ Basics ]
  • What is your name?Jessi Baker....Just call me BAker
  • Where do you rest your head? On my pillow
  • How old is your liver? as old as a liver can be
  • What is your gender? a female
  • How would you define your self? i one should ever just define themselves as if they could go into Websters
  • Significant other? yes
  • What is your shoe size? 6

    [ Favorites ]
  • Color? black
  • Bands? tons of different stuff...but lately polka and that numa numa kicks ass
  • Movies? lord of the rings and harry potter....finding nemo was awesome
  • Television Programs? CSI
  • Books? right now dan brown's angels&demons
  • Video game? dragona ball z
  • Cereal? lucky charms....duh!
  • Instrument? violin
  • Board game? parchesi
  • Pet? my old cat fish who got flushed
  • Song? numa numa
  • Quote? "live long and prosper" and "carpe diem"
  • Food? edible
  • Beverage? dr pepper because im a pepper
  • Condiment? heinz ketchup
    [ In-depth ]

  • Convince us of your nerdly heritage: my dad had an afro when he was a fledgling....and he played with nunchucks.....yeah....and my trekie (like everyone else on planet third rock from the sun)

  • If I could grant you one wish, what would you wish for? for captain picard to be president

  • What nerdly activities do you partake in? math bowl, physics day, math league, chess , and performing the perfect cheer without planning on a parody of SNL " B to the O to the A to the RDMAN" its almost perfect

  • A Star trek convention is coming to your town do you go? duh!

  • Write an interesting solution to this mathmatical problem : 4+4=? is this a trick question?? seriously....wheres the x's and n's.....wheres the logs and confused....4+4?? thats inhumane...

  • You see a cloaked stranger standing in the shadows of an alley. He offers you something,What is it, and how do you reply? it is frodo giving me the ring because he can n o longer handle it...i go on and suceed!

  • At a gaming convention, what would you dress up as and why? as a hobbit because i am short so its not that far of a stretch....or a ferangi.....i like their ears

  • Write a short, creative story about your plot for world conquest: now see....if i told you that...i'd have to kill you! i cant just expose my master plan! duh! what are you people thinking? tell my plot for taking over the world?? i dont think you think the borg was all "hey! this is how we're gonna build up our army and take over the universe"? no..they waited until they kicked ass and then they were all "hey! this was our plan!" geesh

    [ Pictures ]
  • Please, let us endure your nerdly visage. i dont have pics to post here but i have some on my one website:

    [ Your thoughts ]
  • Please provide us with a few of your own thoughts. hmmm...i believe that picard should be president and that bush should be beheaded and his head used as a candy dish...number one would of course become VP because dick chaney is actually dead already....but then scandal would strike...just look at Riker's track record! Monica and bill dont have anything on him.....

    [End your application with nerdlinger][Please bold the questions]
    Like so: Nerdlinger
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