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Totally not an April Fool's Day trick.

Okay, I saw that some people here like Gundam Wing and Mythology so I thought I should just post these communities I created. Join if you like them. Sorry, if this appears like spam to anyone else, but no one's joined yet and I thought this could be interesting.

gw_wing_thing A Gundam Wing worship/ discussion.
mytholomaniacs All the gods together at last in a RP.

And then for any poetry nuts out there...
brimming_eyes A poetry community everyone can love.

For future communities check my info page from time to time. I'll list the ones I moderate. Currently considering a "Quiz Quest" community where I put up a picture from a quiz without the link and people can go out and find the original and come back to tell of the adventure. If that sounds stupid, please, tell me. Thank you for your time.
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