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[ Basics ]
  • What is your name? ashley but here they call me moony
  • Where do you rest your head? slidell, louisiana
  • How old is your liver? sixteen years, six months, one week and one day, not counting fetus co-op time with mom
  • What is your gender? female
  • How would you define your self? i'm the token black kid. i'm also compassionate, caring, and funny.
  • Significant other? not anymore, but his name is donovan
  • What is your shoe size? 10s and some 9 1/2 american and i think like a 35 european

    [ Favorites ]
  • Colors? blue and mint green
  • Bands? gwen stefani, linkin park, switchfoot, three days grace, green day, and lots of r&b
  • Movies? a beautiful mind, real women have curves, life is beautiful, diner aux cons (dinner of idiots--french), their eyes were watching god
  • Television Programs? gray's anatomy, anything on the discovery health channel, and (i'm a secret junkie) desperate housewives
  • Books? *cries* so many to choose from... the harry potter series, the sisterhood of the traveling pants series, anything by toni morrison or edgar allen poe, about half of the AP approved list, war and peace, the great gatsby
  • Video game? spyro the dragon, ratchet and clank, DDR extreme (i'm not a gamer, lol)
  • Cereal? cocoa pebbles or cinnamon toast crunch
  • Instrument? the dirigidoo
  • Board game? monopoly
  • Pet? vietnamese potbellied pig--they can clean up after themselves!
  • Songs? galbi by ofra haza and menta e rosmarina by zucchero
  • Quote? "those that think they know all are very annoying to those of us who do..."
  • Food? mint chocolate chip ice cream and hummus (but not together!!!)
  • Beverage? apple juice
  • Condiment? tabasco sauce
    [ In-depth ]

  • Convince us of your nerdly heritage: i've been in the gifted program since kindergarten. i'm the kid in the front of the class that blurts the answer before most can raise their hands. i come up with random facts all the time simply because my brain is like a lint filter--it picks up all kinds of uselessly fun fluff. i'm legally blind without my glasses, and my eyesight can't be corrected by lasik. i almost cried cause i was so happy when i read about this community...

  • If I could grant you one wish, what would you wish for? to leave high school and go straight to college...

  • What nerdly activities do you partake in? quiz bowl team, girl scouts, volunteering at the public library, being addicted to LJ and the discovery health channel, learning to bellydance by DVD even though oprah and i are the only black women in america with no rhythm

  • A Star trek convention is coming to your town do you go? sure... i don't know much about it and i like to make new friends, so i'd get the hang of it eventually...

  • Write an interesting solution to this mathmatical problem : 4+4=? zero. the first four is a secret agent sent from the planet azkerbajackinthebox, and the second is his clone from the future. 4A has been sent to destroy his clone because of his evil love of all things OC. but 4B spots him first and fires without thinking, killing himself in the past. he has four seconds to realize he doesn't exist anymore and then the problem is rendered null.

  • You see a cloaked stranger standing in the shadows of an alley. He offers you something,What is it, and how do you reply? the stranger would more than likely offer me the opportunity to become a glamorous hollywood star if i am willing to give up my intelligence and my desire to somehow leave a mark on the world. more than likely i'd blink and laugh and then reply, "do you know how much time it would take to find people that i could hold decent conversations with in hollywood??? no thank you, have a nice life..."

  • At a gaming convention, what would you dress up as and why? i'd go as crash bandicoot's little sister coco because she's adorable...

  • Write a short, creative story about your plot for world conquest: quite simply, i'd feed everyone chocolate containing brain-digesting enzymes, forcing them to have to think for themselves. so many would be amazed at their new ability that they wouldn't know what to think about it, so they would look to me for help... by then all of my potential challenges would have been sent to a happy farm in kansas to read nietsche and learn crosstitching... i would show them the best way to be nerd acceptors and save the rainforests and bargain-shop. and the world would be a better place... the end.

    okay, so it's not my best work, but it's a quarter to midnight and i have school in the morning. don't take that as a sign of my intelligence...

    [ Pictures ]
  • Please, let us endure your nerdly visage. no matter how nerdy i am, i'm photobucket challenged... so you'll have to go to the link here, sorry...

    [ Your thoughts ]
  • Please provide us with a few of your own thoughts. i really hope to be accepted here... it seems like a wonderfully fun and quirky place, and i'm definitely hitting the eccentric end of the spectrum... and i don't mean to sound cocky or anything, but whether or not i'm accepted, can i have the html code to your dr. hibbert pic??? he's so awesome... he's actually part of the reason why i wanted to become a pediatrician since age 2, lol...
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