Map-Maker, Lighthouse-Keeper (marinshellstone) wrote in nerds_ahoy,
Map-Maker, Lighthouse-Keeper

Dear fellow nerds,

Earlier today I was reading friend of friend lists and came across a certain livejournal community with a very, very strict application process and I was blown away by how mean they were to applicants, and the sincere joy they take in shooting people down. It's a general music community, and if the music that is listed is not to the members' taste, applicants get bashed and then condescendingly asked, "Can I give you a list of things you should listen to, then you can reapply once you've totally absorbed the opinions and tastes I am forcing upon you?" The whole point of having a community here is so we can all be friends and share ideas and shit, right? That's why I appreciate this one so much. Everyone still has to prove their nerdly heritage but people love you for it. Yeah, I'm gonna be more active because I love youse guys.

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