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Bi weekly theme

I think it's time to start a bi-weekly theme for the community. The theme for this span will be a short story contest. All accepted members are able to participate, but contest judges will have to be appointed first. The judges have to waive their right to participate in the contest. I'll hold a poll to determine the judges.Five judges will be appointed after the poll results are tallied. Does this sound like fun? I hope so.....

::edit:: Rules for the contest:

The story would have to be at least two paragraphs in length.
You can chose any topic from the interest list to write about.
The judges will consider style, grammar, spelling and the overall nerdiness of the story, when making their decision.
Have fun with the story, that's what the contest is about.

P.S. math aficionados don't fret, we'll have an arithmetic bowl in two weeks.
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