I hate music, I don't want to hear any of it! (luckyhoss) wrote in nerds_ahoy,
I hate music, I don't want to hear any of it!

Nerds ahoy!

[ Basics ]
  • What is your name? Kelly
  • Where do you rest your head? Minneapolis
  • How old is your liver? 23
  • What is your gender? I'm a gal
  • How would you define your self? Vexed
  • Significant other? Yup, my weird old jazzman.
  • What is your shoe size? A dainty enough 7 and a half

    [ Favorites ]
  • Color? Still can't help but like black
  • Bands? 16 Horsepower is thee fave, but I like jazz, garage rock (60s-80s, thank you), in fact lots of 60s music, soul, bossa nova, bachelor pad lounge, bluegrass, and alt-country the best.
  • Movies? Wings of Desire probably tops it. I'm a fan of a lot of old movies, foreign movies, and classic directors, like Fellini or Kurosawa.
  • Television Programs? Those darned likeable HBO shows, with the swears and the boobies.
  • Books? Nonfiction and poetry, mostly. Most recently finished: You Are a Dog.
  • Video game? Don't usually play em, but I quite like old school NES.
  • Cereal? Honey bunches of oats with dem dried strawberries.
  • Instrument? I play banjo and accordion.
  • Board game? Risk. I hustle it by being all, "Aw, I'm no good," get underestimated, and am inevitably crowned Empress of the Earth.
  • Pet? A very naughty beagle of my roommate's, who ate my glasses.
  • Song? A recent favorite: "There is a Time" by Dillard and Scruggs
  • Quote? "You're going to have to save yourself." -Charles Bukowski
  • Food? Raspberres
  • Beverage? mocha
  • Condiment? Italian dressing
    [ In-depth ]

  • Convince us of your nerdly heritage:
    Well, my grandpapy was one of the first folks in my state with a PhD in psychology. Nearly every adult on my Dad's side has a PhD. I myself will likely pursue one, after my post-bachechlor's degree effing off ends. I grew up around books and computers and Monty Python.

  • If I could grant you one wish, what would you wish for?
    A cute little house. I'd move in and live in sin with my oldster.

  • What nerdly activities do you partake in?
    Well, I read comic books like a fiend. Not too much into the Marvel-DC-Image stuff anymore, but I like all your typical independent and art comics stuff. Need more info, ask and I'll be happy to elaborate. I even make mini-comics. I play the banjo and the accordion, which is pretty nerdy. I hardly ever like anything in the contemporary pop media world, which either makes me a snob or a misanthrope or a hermit, or some combo perhaps.

  • A Star trek convention is coming to your town do you go?
    I would make sure to hook up with someone dressed like Data.

  • Write an interesting solution to this mathmatical problem : 4+4=?
    4+4=infinity turned on its head. You probably get that a lot, eh?

  • You see a cloaked stranger standing in the shadows of an alley. He offers you something,What is it, and how do you reply?
    I'll only accept it if its illegal and/or obscene.

  • At a gaming convention, what would you dress up as and why?
    A huge bottle of Mountain Dew.

  • Write a short, creative story about your plot for world conquest:
    I'll sit back and dryly criticize everything. Of course everyone gets miffed and wants to win my rarely-granted approval, so they run about trying to bend themselves to my whim until I've manipulated everything just how I like it. Then all the hard work is done and I just take my rightful place as Supreme Ruler.

    [ Pictures ]
  • Please, let us endure your nerdly visage.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    [ Your thoughts ]
  • Please provide us with a few of your own thoughts.
    Guess I'd sure like to do it with Professor Snape. And Crispin Glover.
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