phendog (phendog) wrote in nerds_ahoy,

Ah, the 80s.....

Eeeee!! It's like someone took my childhood saturday mornings and cut then up into 1 MB pieces and put them on This Site!

Check it out! It's commercials of the 1980s! Two decades ago, people!

To quote the site:

[It's] X-Entertainment's Commercial Downloads Center! It's the CDC! CDC! Here, and only here, you can download, watch, and save all your favorite commercials from the 80s, ranging in topic from action figures to breakfast cereal to public service announcements starring Pat Sajak. The Clapper? It's here. Masters of the Universe? We got it. The Amazing Diolight? I've got no idea what it is, but yeah, that's here too.

Come on. Check it out. You know you wanna! Remember the California Raisins? Pound Puppies?
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