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Star Wars III: Titanic for Guys

Posted because omacrulz requested we discuss it.

First, to explain why I call it STIII: TfG - One of the guys in my house went to the opening night midnight showing. He was talking about how many grown men were in the bathroom crying after the movie. Like big, macho guys. He called it "Titanic for guys." *giggle* From now on, every time I hear "Star Wars III" I'm going to be mentally adding the subtitle "Titanic for guys." was okay. I DID enjoy it. Still...

I suppose I should start out by staying how I feel about Star Wars in general: I didn't hate any of the movies. I found them enjoyable enough, but, on the other hand, (with the possible exception of Han Solo) there was never anything in any of them that made me want to go all fannish. I mean, okay, I can COMPLETELY see the appeal for those who were there when it came out, because for its time, it's pretty darn good with the special effects and all. Still, by today's standards it's only mediocre, and I have other things I'd rather watch. I know I'm probably going to get flamed for that comment, but it's true.

So onto this one:

The special effects were generally awesome and it was visually stunning. Lightsabers rock! As do all those cities and whatnot. Some of the aliens were a bit questionable though. Honestly, I kinda liked some of the old make-up and muppets versions better. But whatever. And whatever that feathered lizard creature Obi Wan was riding is? OMG, so awesome, I want one! Where do I sign up to get me one of those?

The biggest problem is exactly what everyone else has been pointing out. The acting reminds me of a high school play, and the dialogue just downright sucks.

I think maybe Lucas was trying too hard to get it to resonate with the old movies or something, but the whole wavering between stilted and melodramatic doesn't work now. It's just bad. Really really bad. And someone shut up the damn drones. They had all the worst lines by far. Why did they even need to talk in the first place? R2D2 manages to communicate just with beeps and his performance was one of the best in the show.

Yoda was cool. Poor little guy. "Failed I have."

Obi Wan was my favorite. God, I spent a lot of time in the theatre lusting after him. The problem was, for whatever reason, it was almost like the actor decided to deliver his lines like he was a shakespearian actor. Seriously. I felt like I was watching King Lear. But I loved the parts when he was lamenting having to go after Anakin in the end. sad/sweet!

Padme Amadala--I thought she was really pretty in the funeral scene. Other than that, I only thought she was of average attractiveness. I feel bad for her though, even though she seemed incredibly niave. In this movie she had no power whatsoever. Everything was without her consent. It revolved around her but she had no say in any of it.

Mace Windu--was one of the only characters whose actor turned in a decent performance. Still, I thought he was an idiot in the movie. Okay, I can understand not telling everyone that the Chancellor might be evil until you know for sure, but tell SOMEONE! Yoda maybe? And take more than just a wussy little guard with you when you're going to attack someone who might be one of the strongest Sith Lords. Just saying.

Also, did anyone else think it weird that Padme didn't know she was having twins? Does this advanced society not have something akin to ultrasound?

Anakin --Okay, EVERYONE knew where he was going. Still, I thought his reasoning was pretty weak. His decisions were so uncertain and sudden. It seemed more like he was barely making them at all--just letting himself be pulled along by the moment. And what an idiot. Okay, when your new job includes killing little kids? Your nice, good-loving wife probably isn't going to approve. Idiot. Don't attack her for being predictable!

Ugh...and the scene at the end with Anikin losing all his limbs and getting his flesh burned off? It explains things, but it was still overly gratuitous. Just saying.

I don't know. As I said, though, I did enjoy it overall. I don't want my money back or anything, and I think this sets it up well for the original movies. Still, it could have been so much better...

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