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[ Basics ]
  • What is your name? Anita Rios-Sherman
  • Where do you rest your head?on a simmons
  • How old is your liver? 29
  • What is your gender?Female
  • How would you define your self? Just nerdy/geeky
  • Significant other?Yes , He is James
  • What is your shoe size?9M

    [ Favorites ]
  • Color?green
  • Bands?Flock of Seagulls,Los Lonley Boys, The Offspring
  • Movies?Star Wars, Revenge of the Nerds,Donnie Darko and some others
  • Television Programs?NCIS, Beauty and the Geek and some others
  • Books?To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Video game?Star Wars Episode III
  • Cereal?Cheerios
  • Instrument?Trumpet
  • Board game?Battleship
  • Pet?dog
  • Song?good one................
  • Quote?
  • Food?sandwiches
  • Beverage?Dr. Pepper or tea
  • Condiment?ketchup
    [ In-depth ]

  • Convince us of your nerdly heritage:I am the first.........

  • If I could grant you one wish, what would you wish for?Powers of the force

  • What nerdly activities do you partake in?Star Wars costuming

  • A Star trek convention is coming to your town do you go?yes

  • Write an interesting solution to this mathmatical problem : 4+4=?
    the number of kids I want

  • You see a cloaked stranger standing in the shadows of an alley. He offers you something,What is it, and how do you reply?a lightsaber, and I ask for training

  • At a gaming convention, what would you dress up as and why?Jocasta Nu, she is just very sharp and to the point. Oh wait! I am going to Comicon as her

  • Write a short, creative story about your plot for world conquest:Ok I hate to not finish but my baby is crying.

    [ Pictures ]
  • Please, let us endure your nerdly visage.

    [ Your thoughts ]
  • Please provide us with a few of your own thoughts.
  • Nerdlinger
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