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Chelsea: Abusing posting privileges since 1990

I hope I'm fairly safe posting here, even though I'm not technically a member here. Besides, this is just too weird.

Okay, so you've heard of Oneida, right? If you live in the U.S., I'm assuming you have. If you haven't, it's a fairly well-known cutlery/dishes-type company. They've been around for a while now, and have the oddest beginnings...

Oneida Limited wasn't always a company. Way back in the 1850's, it was a commune/cult. Yes. You read right. And what a cult it was.

The founder, John Noyes, believed in complex marriage, male continence, mutual criticism, and ascending fellowship. That is, everyone in the commune was married to everyone else, men were encouraged to avoid ejaculation so that the women wouldn't have to go through pregnancy, everyone gave everyone alse advice on what to improve on to be a better person, and the newcomers got shagged by the older ones in the commune.

Lovely, ne? ;D It actually stuck around for a while, until Noyes died, when it mostly disbanded. A few of the members stuck around to form Oneida Limited.

If you're still interested, the Wikipedia article is here.
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