rainb4teatime (rainb4teatime) wrote in nerds_ahoy,

Blue Man Group.

Yesterday, I experienced the Blue Man Group live for the first time. If you enjoy music and entertainment that stimulates all your senses, you simply must see the show.

The Blue Man Group originally begin in New York city, created by three friends. The group is well known for it's unique blue characters and interesting use of ordinary objects are instruments. The group combines the use of musical instruments, comedy and interesting pop cultural facts to wow their audience. The group has branched off from the original three Blue men, to incorporate over 600 musicians and preformers. The Blue Man Group stages regular preformances in Chicago, New York, Toronto, Las Vegas, Boston, Berlin and more recently, London, England.

I was blown away by their preformance; I didn't expect them to be funny or intelligent. I was expecting good music with some different instruments, but the way they get the audience to participate is phenomenal. If they are playing in a city near you, I highly reccomend you try to see them. For me, it was the experience of a lifetime.
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