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For those who've been trapped in an interdimensional pocket of space time....or not..

I assume that most of you already know about the upcoming release of Joss Wheadon's film Serenity. Doesn't this film look absolutely amazing? I was a moderate fan of Firefly(due to the fact I could never actually catch the program), but since I've purchased the DVDs I've fell in love with another of Joss' creations. I've got plans to catch a viewing of the film on the day of it's release,perhaps if enough of us SciFi fans put forth an effort we'll be able to de-throne Titanic.And if Serenity is well received by us movie goers, perhaps Joss will decide to pitch the renewal of Firefly. I realize it's probably a futile cause, but I'm going to contribute.

Here's a website dedicated to Serenity,it includes a trailer and some info. Serenity Goodness
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