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[ Basics ]
  • What is your name? Mark.

  • Where do you rest your head? Grande Prairie, Alberta.

  • How old is your liver? 24.

  • What is your gender? Male.

  • How would you define your self? A corporeal being trapped in Earth's gravity well.

  • Significant other? No one's as significant as me! Ahoy!

  • What is your shoe size? 9eeee (I've got wide feet).

[ Favorites ]
  • Color? Black.

  • Bands? MC Plus Plus is pretty cool. Hah. I prefer musical groups outside of the mainstream. I listen to everything from classical to synthpop to operatic black metal. You'll never find me listening to Nickelback.

  • Movies? I enjoy thought provoking, cinematically artistic movies. Things like The Matrix and American Beauty.

  • Television Programs? TNG and DS9.

  • Books? I'm a bit of a self improvement freak. You'll find lots of stuff related to that, finances, and computer programming.

  • Video game? SimCity 4.

  • Cereal? Healthy stuff.

  • Instrument? Null.

  • Board game? Chess.

  • Pet? Null.

  • Song? Born to be Alive by Patrick Hernandez

  • Quote? "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it." -- Henry Ford.

  • Food? Pasta.

  • Beverage? Guinness.

  • Condiment? Mustard.

[ In-depth ]

  • Convince us of your nerdly heritage:
    • I corrected the spelling errors and HTML errors in this application.

    • I was the only student in Grade 11 with straight A's, including a 99% in the computer courses.

    • I had absolutely no social skills growing up.

    • I am happier in intellectual debating than trying to relate to normal people.

    • While not obsessed, I love optimising things, systems, etc.

    • I once had access to the very weakly encrypted passwords of half the students and almost all the staff at university.

  • If I could grant you one wish, what would you wish for?
    • Enlightenment.

  • What nerdly activities do you partake in?
    • I program, I play around with wireless networking, I install Linux on Linksys routers.

    • I cycle (at least when there's not too much snow outside). Not everyone who cycles is a nerd, but as far as sports go, it's nerdy.

  • A Star trek convention is coming to your town do you go?
    • Yes.

  • Write an interesting solution to this mathematical problem : 4+4=?
    • 4+4=13 .. in base 5!

  • You see a cloaked stranger standing in the shadows of an alley. He offers you something. What is it, and how do you reply?
    • The Holy Grail. "We already gots one!"

  • At a gaming convention, what would you dress up as and why?
    • I wouldn't go to a gaming convention. If I did, it would probably be to a computer gaming convention, and I'd probably being doing network administration or some such thing

  • Write a short, creative story about your plot for world conquest:
    • Mwuahahahahahah! I laugh my Dr. Evil laugh that earned me the nickname Dr. Evil. Everyone cowers in Fear. I win.

[ Pictures ]
  • Please, let us endure your nerdly visage.
    • This shall do:

[ Your thoughts ]
  • Please provide us with a few of your own thoughts.
    • Do we really have our own thoughts? It's hard to believe that someone has not had the same thoughts that I am having now. Obviously, there will be new inventions that will require new, specific thoughts, but I doubt the generalisation of any thought is truly original.

    • What is the nature of existence? While we are all composed of matter/energy, what separates the conscious from the rocks?

    • It always baffles me that some refuse to have an open mind about everything. I believe that accepting anything on faith is a limitation, though I can see how it is comforting. Quite often those who don't take things on faith end up in analysis paralysis and accomplish less than those who shoot from the hip on faith. It's an interesting conundrum I face in life.

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