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It's that time of year again....

I want to give a shout out to the man of the hour, that's right - Jesus of Nazareth - not that I aint down with 'Hey Zeus' as well. 'Hey Zeus' just isn't recognized as the savior of humanity is all.I got much love for you, Jesus *pats chest, kisses fingers and extends hand out to form a peace sign*. What I want to say is that some people tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas, it's not about spending money or preparing a lavish meal- it's about Jesus. Although I'm an atheiest, I admire the values of Christianity and I celebrate the man who gave his life for those values. The shape the world is in at present sickens me. I did a social experiment recently where I asked random people certain moral based questions, which had resulted in the fact that younger generations are devolving morally with increasingly selfish behavior. Not one of the people would make a sacrifice to help someone if it caused even a minor interruption in their lives, although at Christmas time more people were willing to offer assistance to someone in need. I have come to the conclusion that a human beings willingness to help others comes not from the goodness of their heart but from guilt.

People tend to be more cordial with each other during the holidays as well, is that guilt bleeding though as well? I'd say yes. Recently a man (my boss in this case) who had never offered anyone in our office a simple smile or a friendly hello gave us both and a hefty christmas bonus to boot. Why was he motivated to kindness on our last day of work, one word - guilt. He knows that we work our asses off to ensure that our company looks good and prospers and he never acknowledges that fact. He knows that he denied two dedicated and hardworking employees their much deserved annual raises so he could be rewared from corporate for coming in under budget. Yes, people tend to be self serving with a lack of morals in this modern age and if the bible was true - brace yourself for the apocalypse. Oh, and have a Wonderful Holiday.

Sincerely:Your friendly neighborhood moderator.
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