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Join! I was sorted into Ravenclaw and I love the community! The sorting application is not difficult, and you get two chances to re-apply if there is a problem with the application! The members are very, very nice and easy-going. Check it out!


PS: If any of you are upset by my spammage, or it isn't allowed, I'll delete it. Excuse me!

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Dear Self;

So, how have the last twenty years treated you? Did you do all those things I wanted to do? Have you led a happy life and had all of the successes I wished for in my twenties?

~~ A novel, and curious approach to sending messages to yourself. Personally, I think its a great idea, of course, this means you need to keep an email address for this long - but despite that hurdle, wouldn't it be rather interesting to receive an email from yourself from 20 years in your past. I wonder if you would sound like yourself or if it would sound like a stranger? Interesting enough, I think I'll try it out. How about you?