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I know I haven't updated the members list in quite a while,I plan to remedy that. If you're a stamped member who hasn't been added to the members list, please post here to inform me.

Also, if you've not been stamped at all, comment here as well.
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This is awesome. Though for some reason I'm the only one of my friends who's drawn this conclusion. The rest wander off, muttering something disparaging about my mother... >_>

Oh, and if you want to try to learn the whole song, here are the lyrics.
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Today, during breakfast, I found out that we are born with an opening in our skull that allows are brain to get oxygen as we grow. Apparently, by the time you are a year old the hole seals itself, giving you a completely hole-free skull. My father called it a "blowhole", but that is obviously not what it is called. I researched what it was called, but I couldn't come up with anything better; It may be called the Stomatitis Line, but I am unsure.

All this because my brother shaved his head and had this weird sort of dent in his head. The things you learn everyday. By the way, this is my futile attempt at staying active.

Hope everyone had a nice summer.
gun hellsing

Nerd Stuffs....

I've recently purchased season six of The Simpsons. I love the Season tremendously, especially the Stone Cutter EP. What's your favourite episode from the Sixth season?

P.S. Teh Season comes in a nifty plastic DVD case in the shape of Homer Simpsons head. I have to give mad props to fox's marketing department for the change. I'd rather have my DVD cases shaped like Simpsons characters, than the bland rectangular nonsense.
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Blue Man Group.

Yesterday, I experienced the Blue Man Group live for the first time. If you enjoy music and entertainment that stimulates all your senses, you simply must see the show.

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I was blown away by their preformance; I didn't expect them to be funny or intelligent. I was expecting good music with some different instruments, but the way they get the audience to participate is phenomenal. If they are playing in a city near you, I highly reccomend you try to see them. For me, it was the experience of a lifetime.