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Hey Firefox users...

Flaw discovered in Firefox, fixed in new version.

The gist of which is, go download the latest version for a security fix.

Also, if you're like me and are curious about usage stats, the article also says:

Microsoft's browser now has a 88.9% share, while Firefox's share has risen just over a point to 6.8%. Previously, IE dominated more than 95% of the browser market.

So Firefox is making in roads...but is actually less common than I'd think by talking to my flist ;^)
phoenix by katekat1010


Now available: Google toolbar for firefox!

I put it on my work going to decide whether I like it or not before installing it at home. Still, I know that was one of the hardest changes for me when I made the move from up my googlebar! Of course, firefox made a lot of its stuff (popup blocker, google search) redundant, and I don't like having a thicker header. Still, I enjoy the ability to highlight terms on the page and to now it's got direct links to the image search and my gmail. Hmm...

Welcome Back to Hogwarts!

Raise your hand if you got the 6th book!

*raises hand*

I'm so excited, I can hardly stop reading!

Any feedback to the book?

I personally really liked how it started with the Prime Minister although I had very mixed feelings after what happened in London last week. Is that creepy or what?